Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

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Mora Suomuurain
Mora Suomuurain

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Dear friends, now I do not have toys for sale. My previous work you can see in instagram and on my website. We will meet with you for a few weeks, and while I am preparing for you new babies.
Hello! I started sewing teddy bears not so long ago, in addition, I sculpt berries of clay and flowers of cold porcelain. My realistic drawings of animals and all-all handmade, process, my collection of toys by other authors, a little of my life you can find in my instagram. I have website too.

I love alpaca and many fluffies will be sewn from this fab material. Of course I use plush and plush for miniatures. I stuffed toys of sintepuh, wool and aeropuh, also my babies are weighted by metal granulate. I always use oil paint and dry pastel for toning. All noses, claws and pads of clay I do myself.

I'm a fan of style nature and fluffy cuties (I do not know how to mark this style, but these babies are so similar to airy meringues)

Well, there is some useful information for you) I live in Moscow, and I will send all my works within 48 hours after your payment, not including weekends and holidays. I always send toys and other my handmade only after full payment. U can pay in layaway-sistem. If you buy two or more babies concurrently, you get pleasant discount. All my toys have pasports. I do not accept returns, make sure that you really want the toy. I do not smoke and live in the home free from smoking.

By my experience parcels from Russia to America reach the destination on average for three weeks.

ATTENTION! For me it is always important in which home my baby will be living, so if you are used to constantly buy and after a short time again look for toys next home - please do not bother me. I am a collector too and I treat tenderly to my collection, so the variant when people often buying, buying and reselling - not for my toys. Sorry. Keep this in mind that I did not have to refuse and return the money without sending toys. Of course, I accept situations in life when you have to leave with a part of the collection, but when it is constant practice - no.

I am very excited as a novice and insanely happy to your attention, I come responsibly to my work and I'm sure in every my baby. I make toys on order! )))
I'll be happy to answer all your questions.
Thank you for coming to visit me)

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